3 things i would change about

The existing train routes are embarrassingly inadequate for a city the size of Bangkok, but there are big plans in place. So, I decided to make my own map. First, I looked at a ton of maps online and took note of all the similarities. Then, a buddy of mine who works at the Department of Transportation directed me to the websites of each of the routes.

3 things i would change about

If you could change three things marriedtoit Group Leader 9 years on site posts In my continuing effort to start posts that everybody finds difficult to followI have a new one. I hope this one is easier. If you could change three things, what would they be? Here is the hard part. You have to answer the specific subquestions.

I would change the imbalance of the world's resources. I would this is probably too influenced by current events move the six nuclear power plants close to us some are not SO close to Pluto 3. I know that some would take away their loved ones' bipolar disorder but I think it is part of my hubby in too many good ways to remove without destroying the man I fell in love with.

Sign Up or Login to comment. If I had the ability to change the world, I would want it to be a place where everyone stopped fighting, lawlessness would be a thing of the past, people would all care about one another, no one would ever have to be sick, and everyone had wholesome moral values If I had the ability to change my immediate area, I would want the weather to be cooler in the summer, with a nice tropical breeze at all times.

Plenty of rain for grass and crops and no hurricanes. If I could change my family and self, I would want us all to live closer to one another, with all of my children getting along.

I would want my husband's mental health restored to the original, but with him remembering all the things he's gone through and hanging on to the good things he learned from the experience.

For myself, I would be more kind, generous, energetic, and skinny of course!!!! Mikata Member 8 years on site posts 1. I would make healthcare a right for everyone. I would try to change the state budget so there are no more cuts on education. I would want my boyfriend to be able to think clearly all the time and stop drinking to cope, and I would want me to just Well, I'll try to recreate it not that it was a masterpiece or anything!

First I said, only 3, married? That all the children in the world would be fed, have clean water, clothing, decent clean shelter, no abuse, no neglect, no bad adults in their lives, no abductions, they'd all be safe and secure.

And they would all be educated. I would like everyone in this state to have good insurance and not have to have income limits to get it. I want everyone to be able to make as much money as they can to live well and to get excellent healthcare, too.

I would like to be able to stick to my priorities better. I would make it heaven on earth, and make Florida a bit more temperate.

3 things i would change about

I would make it safer. In some ways, it's pretty safe, and in others, it's unsafe, and I would choose to make it safer all around. I actually have some opportunities to this very thing right now.Because God Himself tells us, and God cannot lie and God cannot change.

So, if God said it, it is true and it is true for all time. So, if God said it, it is true and it is true for all time.

Jesus spoke in John ,5 “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Well, if I could change three things it would be pollution, health and violence.

I chose these three reasons because they are some of the world’s most harmful things. I believe that by getting rid of these three things the world can be its true self, a happy, beautiful, and fun place to live.

According to study participants, culture and organization fit are a top concern. It should be yours, too. This article explains the new features in Python , compared to Python , also known as “Python ” or “Py3K”, is the first ever intentionally backwards incompatible Python release. There are more changes than in a typical release, and more that are important for all Python users.

There are many things I would love to change about my self, but the main 3 things would be my determinations to do things I want/love/have to do, my intelligence, and also have a driving goal for me in life that i wont give up on so easily.

Views · View 1 Upvoter. Fruit and Cereal Fiber—Which is Found in Figs—Protective against Postmenopausal Breast Cancer. Results of a prospective study involving 51, postmenopausal women for an average of years showed a 34% reduction in breast cancer risk for those consuming the most fruit fiber compared to those consuming the least.

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