A discussion of war

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A discussion of war

Like 27 A few days ago, we had the opportunity to visit with Professor Stephen F. As regular readers know, we've been featuring his weekly podcasts with John Batchelor for the past four years so it was a real honor to speak with him directly regarding The New Cold War. As mentioned at the beginning of this podcast, we are all indebted to John and Steve for their regular, weekly discussions.

Their podcasts offer the only fair and balanced coverage of The New Cold War that you will find anywhere in the western media. Rather than a simple regurgitation of the War Party line, John and Steve consider the conflict from the historical perspective of each side.

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Thus, in listening to them over the past four years, I almost feel as if I have participated in a graduate-level Russian Studies class. To be certain that this discussion is as widely-heard as possible, I've taken the additional step of transcribing portions of the audio.

I've been working in print and broadcast about the onset of a new Cold War since late s because I saw the Clinton administration's intrusive policies and then Yeltsin's Russia as generating a backlash that would lead the two countries to a replication or continuation of the year cold war that Reagan and Gorbachev and then the first President Bush said they had ended in and that has unfolded more or less in the worst ways that I worried about.

I don't think anybody would deny that they we're in a new Cold War. I think they're slow in acknowledging that it's even more dangerous in various ways and reasons than was the year cold war. But one reason is this was not the case during the old Cold War is that we are militarily eyeball-to-eyeball with Russia and on three new cold war fronts.

One, of course, is Ukraine which in a way is the epicenter but because of NATO's I think reckless military buildup on Russia's western borders particularly in the Baltic regions region but also to a certain extent in Syria where the situation is very fluid and still dangerous.

The cold war could erupt into an actual hot war very easily. And I guess though the danger seemed maybe a year ago would be first and foremost in Syria because Ukraine since seemed rather frozen.

Now it's shifted back to Ukraine.

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We've got to stop and think what that means. Ukraine as a nation and then as a state following the end of the Soviet Union in was always fraught with historical religious, ethnic, economic, and political divisions. Simply holding Ukraine together as a unitary state was going to be a problem but everyone managed.

It wasn't pretty but they managed until the events of when we all remember the Maidan protest and let's remember what they were about It was just said to be civilizational and economic and it was said that that would bring Ukraine into European civilization and of course away from Russia.

Now Ukraine and Russia had been bound at the hip. People don't mention this often but there are tens of millions of intermarriages.

It's hard not to go to Moscow and spend some time and not find someone who's got a Ukrainian and Russian parent or grandparent.

But this happened and it also needs to be removed reminded that Yanukovych did not refuse to sign that agreement. He simply asked for more time. But that set off protests driven by all sorts of people.

Some benign democratic seeking Liberals, fine people in Ukraine, but also by people who were by any definition ultra-nationalists and even quasi-fascist neo-nazis. And that led of course to the confrontation where Yanukovych was driven illegally off.

A new, illegal government was formed backed by the United States and Europe. Russia for various reasons that I think were legitimate feared that the unrest would spread to the historical Russian peninsula of Crimea which for most of its history for centuries had been part of Russia.

But because of a kind of fluke, was now territorially part of Ukraine. The Russians therefore welcomed and encouraged a referendum in Crimea. By all standards including Gallup polls that were taken later, more than 80 percent voted to join Russia.

And so Russia legally annexed in Meanwhile, the mostly Russian provinces of Donbass, part of Crimea objected to the coup in Kiev that had overthrown the president.

They had voted for Yanukovych. His electorate was not only in southeastern Ukraine but it was primarily there. So they believed that their president had been overthrown and a rebellion began backed by Russia of course.Nov 24,  · Civil War History - General Discussion.

For Discussions on Civil War Era Personalities, Politics, Issues, Campaigns, Battles, and more. Serious Civil War Discussions Only Please! All other posts will be deleted. On This Day. Discussions: Views: 78, Messages: 1, Wednesday marks the 75 th anniversary of Orson Welles’ electrifying War of the Worlds broadcast, in which the Mercury Theatre on the Air enacted a Martian invasion of Earth.

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War & Peace. This is the preparation material for an English conversation lesson about war and peace. There is an audio discussion to listen to about the history and colonisation of Canada, some vocabulary and common collocations that people use when discussing war and peace and a list of conversation questions about this subject.

A God of War Norse game only having two major/popular gods (Baldur and Freya) and no Odin, Thor, Hel, Tyr, Fenrir, etc is an automatic letdown to me.

A discussion of war

That's even more so given they probably say Thor and Odin at least times each. Suggested Answers to Discussion Questions for Learning Guide to THE CIVIL WAR. ADVERTISEMENT. Discussion Questions: EPISODE ONE: 1. QUICK DISCUSSION QUESTION: Why was Abraham Lincoln willing to see ten thousand men and boys die or be maimed in a morning?

What was his primary goal in fighting the Civil War?

A discussion of war

Thus, in the Cold War. 9 Responses to “A Discussion of WAR Wherein I Ardently Attempt to Avoid any WAR-Related Puns” Jason Winter Says: November 21st, at pm I've written my share of scathing blog posts and takedowns and the like, but I'm just a .

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