Bread bakery business plan in nigeria the yoruba

Although bread bakery business is capital-intensive, but with the right mechanisms and staffs, success is sure.

Bread bakery business plan in nigeria the yoruba

Bread however is the most consumed because it is the cheapest food to get when hungry. This makes bakery a profitable business. Lagos state consumes over ten million loaves of bread daily while Cross River consumes about six million.

Initially, one could start up a bakery with about five hundred thousand naira N, or a little more but with the recent hike in cost of goods and services due to recession; it is difficult to give an accurate estimate of what the cost will be.

If you are passionate about baking and consumed with the zeal to expand your horizon by setting up your own bakery, here is a brief guide on formalities and everything else you will need to know. It involves quite a lot but you can start from somewhere.

bread bakery business plan in nigeria the yoruba

Many Nigerians run online bakeries by websites and instagram pages. You can run a counter service bakery which involves getting a commercial store where customers come and buy from the counter.

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It is the commonest form of bakery in Nigeria, example of a good, old and running counter service bakery that has consistently delivered quality flour foods is the high quality bakery in calabar, cross river state. You can also choose to run a speciality service if you specialize in a certain kind of service like wedding cakes, bread and snacks for diabetic patients and for fit family.

You get to choose whether to operate from your home or rent a shop. There are very many specialty shops in Nigeria; some are online while most of them operate in stores.

A bakery, like any other business requires planning. You have to come up with a detailed plan that defines your business goals, source of funding, expenses, your competition and customer base. Like refrigeratorsovens, slicing machines, bread wrapper, mixers, utensils, pans, a supply van and a generating plant for power.

Calculate your costs and figure out how to breakeven. Make your bakery legal by registering it with appropriate authorities like the association of Nigerian bakers. Get a lawyer to do the necessary paper work for your license and obtain NAFDAC approval to ensure that your products are safe for consumption.

You will need to hire labour irrespective of the type of bakery you are going to run. There is no possibility of running your bakery which is a small establishment alone, hire qualified, trust worthy and experienced staff to enable an start easy.

Formulate guiding principles that promote work ethics if you really want to succeed. In order to find a market for your products, you must study your competitors.

bread bakery business plan in nigeria the yoruba

Find out the kind of services they render and work at setting yourself apart. Do you have special recipes? Use them; work hard at making your bakery different and a delight for potential customers. Be prepared to market your product by all means.Bread Bakery business is a capital intensive business especially if you are starting it big which is my recommendation.

You have to start big or medium if you hope to be producing quality bread that will attract good patronage. 2. A BUSINESS PLAN. In my opinion, a bread bakery business plan is one of the important variables needed to ensure business success.

Start with a feasibility study, it will help you to draw out a detailed business plan for your bread bakery business.

Cost of Starting a bakery in Nigeria

Don’t underestimate the power of a business plan, it’s a blueprint to success. Bread Bakery Business Plan In Nigeria – Writing a Business Plan for a Bread Bakery Going by the high demand for bread, a bakery business has excellent chances of success. However, the success of the business hinges largely on the skills and experience of the owner as well as how carefully the business is planned from the outset.

Cost of Starting a bakery in Nigeria By Lami Ogar on March 16, @countessveee COST OF STARTING A BAKERY IN NIGERIA – A bakery is the home of production to all food made with flour such as bread, cakes, pastries, cookies and many more.

Risks Involves In Bread Bakery Business

In Nigeria, it is said that up to 5 million loaves of bread are consumed in Lagos every day, without taking into account other parts of the country. The profit potential of bread bakery business in Nigeria cannot be over emphasised; It cost about N ($) to produce standard sliced bread in Nigeria.

The bakers sell at N to suppliers and make N50 per bread.

Bread Bakery Business Plan in Nigeria - Business Plan