Care planning process essay

Atkinson et alp2 describes "The nursing process is a system of planning the delivery of nursing care, consisting of four steps: Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation". This is a client focused assignment; therefore I will choose a client whom I have participated in providing nursing care for.

Care planning process essay

Introduction The aims of this assignment are to provide a needs orientated approach to care using a nursing model alongside a nursing process in order to create a framework. Care planning process essay nursing model is used to determine what is important and relevant to providing individualized care Barrett, Wilson, Woollands This will be discussed in detail providing evidence of strengths and weaknesses of the model.

The nursing process that will be discussed will be APIE which is assess, plan, implement and evaluate. A nursing process is a systematic approach which focuses on each patient as Care planning process essay individual ensuring that the patients holistic needs are taken into consideration.

These include physical, social, psychological, cultural and environmental factors. The nursing process is a problem solving framework for planning and delivering nursing care to patients and their families Atkinson and Murray It will also discuss an example of a care plan done for a fictional patient Mabel Dunn and evaluate and discuss how the nursing plan and the nursing process have created a plan of care and how effective this was or was not.

Care planning is a highly skilled process used in all healthcare settings which aims to ensure that the best possible care is given to each patient. The Nursing and Midwifery council state that care planning is only to be undertaken by qualified staff or by students under supervision.

It provides a written record accessible to all health professionals where all nursing interventions can be documented. Care planning is extremely important as it enables all staff involved in the care to have access to relevant information about the patients current medical problems and how this affecting them in relation to the 12 activities of living as well as any previous medical history.

Although a vast majority of hospitals now use pre-printed care plans it is important to remember that not all the questions on them will be relevant to all patients.

An example of this would be that activity of breathing may not have any impact on a healthy young adult be would be a major factor for an elderly man with COPD.

Barrett et al It is important that a nursing process is used and it is set out in a logical order, the way in that the nurse would think this helps minimize omissions or mistakes. Assessment Assessment is a fundamental nursing skill required to gather all the information required about the patient in order to meet all or their needs Hinchliff, Norman and Schober The initial assessment untaken by nurses is to gather information regarding the patients needs but this is only the beginning of assessing as the holistic needs of the patient including physical, physiological, spiritual, social, economic and environmental needs to be taken into consideration in order to deliver appropriate individualized care Roper, Logan and Tierney When using the 12 activities of living ALs for assessment it gives a list a basic information required but must not just be used as a list as the patient will respond better to questions asked in an informal manner and when just part of the general conversation.

RLT state that although every AL is important some are more important than other and this can vary between patients. It is important for nurses to obtain appropriate information through both verbal and non-verbal conversation patients are more likely to give correct information but without jumping to conclusions or putting words into their mouths.

Information can be gained from the patient, the patients family and friends as well as any health records Peate I, During this process of gathering information it is important to find out what the patient can do as well as what they cant.

A full assessment needs to consider how the patient was before they became ill or hospitalized in relation to their medical diagnosis as well as how the patient was dealing with it, how they are now, what is the change or difference if any, do they know what is causing the change, what if anything they are doing about it, do they have any resources now or have they have in the past to deal with the problem barrett et al.

RLT state that there are 5 factors that influence the 12 activities of living which are biological, psychological, sociocultural, environmental and politicoeconomic, these may not all have an effect on each patient but all need to be taken into consideration.

The more information gained in the assessment process the easier the other steps will follow. RLT suggest that assessing is a continuous process and that further information will be obtained through observations and within the course of nursing the patient. At the end of the initial assessment the nurse should to identify the problems that the patient has.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC states a nurse is personally and professionally accountable for actions and omissions in practice and any decisions made must always be justifiable.

There are many benefits to using a nursing process it is patient centered and enables individualized care for each patient. It also gives patients input into their own care and gives them a greater sense of control it is outcome focused using subjective and objective information which helps and encourages evaluation of the care given.

It also minimizes any errors and omissions. When I carried out the assessing stage on mabel I did this using the 12 activities of living as suggested by Roper et al but this was used too much like a checklist. If using ASPIRE rather than APIE the next stage would be systematic nursing diagnosis where a nursing diagnosis is established which differs from the medical diagnosis but the two do overlap Barrett et al The nursing diagnosis takes into account the medical diagnosis as well as the holistic needs of the patient considering their biopsychosocial and spiritual needs Hinchliff et al and the effect these may have on the patient and how they deal with their illness.

The next part of the systematic diagnosis is to establish baselines of where the patient is now in relation to the 12 als and their illness and set goals accordingly in collaboration with the patient in a way in which they understand Barrett et al The Nursing Process Essay.

defined discharge planning as, "part of the continuity of care process which is designed to prepare the patient for the next phase of care and to assist in making any necessary arrangements for that phase of care" (Rose, , P. 47). Discharge planning is a continued and ongoing process that allows the health.

The four stage model of nursing process includes the patient’s health assessment, care planning, implementation and evaluation of the care delivered (APIE). All stages of the process are dependent on each other with accurate and relevant assessment being a good foundation for nurses to make a professional judgement of the care required.

A systematic approach will be used the nursing process and the role of the mental health nurse will be clearly identified in providing care for the client.

The nursing process consists of four stages, the assessment, planning, implementing and evaluation.


Assessment and Needs Identification Care Planning and Reflection essay. This may happen only with effective and efficient application of all phases of nursing process. In this regards, further in this paper we will discuss the potential of the Roper-Logan-Tierney model of nursing in providing holistic and individualised nursing care.

Care planning is important because it guides in the on-going provision of nursing care.

Care planning process essay

Good care planning allows healthcare professionals make evidence-based decisions about care based on a comprehensive assessment, and to prove this, if necessary (Barrett, Wilson and Woollands a).

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CARE PLANNING. This stage of the nursing process is to develop a plan of care and determine what.

Care planning process essay
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