Emotivism and gay marriage

There are numerous ethical perspectives about gay marriage or same sex marriage pertaining to the legalization of the relationship. Gay marriage is the hottest topic as it impacts the country, and the future of next generation. Gay marriage creates an ethical controversy because experts and policymakers are still battling to develop a consensus regarding the wrongness or rightness of gay marriage. Nevertheless, there is still a significant majority of people within the United States and in other parts of the world, who believe and see gay marriage as a taboo and oppose the idea of same sex marriage.

Emotivism and gay marriage

Theory and Practice In this course, we look at classical ethical theories of utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics. We also look at the different kinds of perspectives on ethical issues introduced by relativism, ethical egoism, and emotivism.

For this paper, you Emotivism and gay marriage pick an ethical issue to discuss, but one that is not a specific topic addressed in our text thus, gun control or product liability would not be possible choices.

Some examples are given below, but it is recommended that you choose to write on a topic you have already encountered or you have thought about previously. One way of thinking about this is to think of an ethical issue that either worries you or enrages you.

Identify, specifically, the ethical issue and the ethical problems it presents.

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Drawing on various sources, explain how one of the classical theories utilitarianism, deontology, virtue ethics would resolve the problem. Then, contrast this response with the perspective brought to the issue by relativism, emotivism, or ethical egoism.

Finally, state which of these views is closer to your own, supporting your response with a clearly-presented and well-supported argument. The more specific you can be the better, and feel free to include examples that will strengthen your account.

Format your rough draft according to APA 6th edition style and properly cite all your resources. This implies that people have to conduct themselves well as required by the situations and principles governing them. Individuals are, thus, required to behave in the accepted manner since there is a code of conduct that regulates them.

There are many ethical issues in the societies we live. These issues have impacts and implications in our day to day lives and endeavors. A good example of such ethical issues is gay marriage. Gay marriage should not be legalized since it destroys and alters the real meaning of marriage. Gay marriage is the marriage relationship whereby people of the same sex get involved in a marriage negotiations and eventually get married to each other.

Gay marriage, therefore, includes same sex marriage, homosexuality and lesbianism. This is an ethical issue that is quite debatable as to whether it should or not legalized.

Gay marriage is something that is viewed by some people to be good while others oppose claiming that is bad. There are many ethical problems that are brought about by this ethical issue of gay marriages.

To start with, this kind of marriage brings, especially homosexuality, brings about a strong conflict and logger head with religion, particularly Christianity. According, to Christians, marriage was introduced by God so that procreation may.

Christians argue that the right marriage that is intended for procreation involves the marriage relationship between a man and a woman. From the natural perceptive, homosexuality s regarded and viewed as unnatural and morally impermissible.

This is due to the fact that it does not play the intended purpose of procreation. Homosexuality, which is a form of gay marriage, together with its acts, can never be taken to justify good results of the marriage relationship.

Instead of bringing about happiness in marriage, it is a kind of relationship which results to complications and predicaments with the course of time. Therefore, gay marriage especially homosexuality, has ethical problem as it brushes shoulders with Christianity.

Emotivism and gay marriage

In addition to that, gay marriage has another ethical problem altogether. According to the religious analogy, gay marriage is demonized. This means religion strongly opposes such type of marriage.

Although gay marriage is a marriage relationship which is recommended by some people it faces great opposition from religion. Gay marriage, which involves same marriage, is demonized as a threat to marriage from within a sectarian perspective on.

Christian analogy suggests that gay marriage withdraws and dismisses the respect for the dignity of marriage. It makes the dignity of marriage to be irresponsible and convenient. Therefore, although gay marriage may be recommended by a good number of people, it faces critical problems and predicaments as it is greatly condemned by Christians and the Christian analogy Richards Moreover, there are some predicaments associated to gay marriages as a result of lesbian marriages.

The legislation of a nation may fail to reach the demands of the same sex marriage, lesbian marriage. Such marriages do not promote equality or freedom.


These marriages have been facing strong opposition since time immemorial. Equality is not found among lesbians since their acts are beyond what human beings are supposed to do. Marriage should involve a man and woman but not a woman versus a woman.

When lesbians are discovered, they are greatly ashamed hence lose that freedom to freely associate with other members of the society Boele-Woelki The issue of same sex marriage has become a controversial issue in the recent past.

The same sex marriage debate has elicited reactions from various quarters of the society, and from the look of things, the controversial topic is less likely to rescind unless the parties reach a consensus (Beckwith.

If gay marriage is legalized, the institution of marriage will be deprived of monogamy and thus any hope of permanence. (Kurtz ) I believe that this is a fallacy based on scare tactics, somewhat like the Bush administration idea of going to war with Iraq.

Sep 09,  · Gay Marriage Whether the community wants or not, gay marriage has become one of the most highlighted and leading issue throughout the United States and in many other parts of the world.

More than half of all people in United States oppose gay. The majority of liberals I know are pro abortion, some degree of pro gay marriage, and buy into the idea that all people should have a right to love and live how they want. This is a good intention but the principles guiding these beliefs arenot Christian and many times selfish.

May 01,  · A very short time indeed will elapse between the legalization of homosexual ‘marriage’ and the criminalization of opposition to it.

Emotivism and gay marriage

This is logical. If it were reasonable to legalize ‘gay marriage’ opposition to it would be something akin to incitement to racial hatred. Keywords: emotivism, Supreme Court, Windsor, Gay Marriage, equal protection, Phil Donahue, Oprah Winfrey, DOMA, Prop 8, Deal W Hudson P>WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) - Thanks to my friend, Rev.

Joshua Allen of Atlanta, for alerting me to the following passages in the recent DOMA decision of our Supreme Court.

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