Fat quarter projects

Originally posted here at Make and Takes. This project is a really quick and easy one creating the perfect little girl-bag.

Fat quarter projects

They are the adult place setting size. Try to cut an even number from each design in the jelly roll pack. Be advised— there will always be at least one fabric that seems like it could go in either pile. Save this one for last and and add it to the pile that needs more strips.

Lay out five strips of fabric into six rows. There is no exact science to this step. Simply go by what strips look best together to your eye. It will be different for everyone. Next we will be sewing the strips that are in each row together.

Begin by pinning two strips together, right sides together the right sides are the printed sides of the fabric. Continue this with all the strips in each row until all the strips in each row are sewn together.

Owen's olivia: Fat Quarter Projects ~ Day 2

Iron the strips flat and lay them out. Carefully pin the first row to the second row, right sides together. Continue this will all the rows until they are sewn together to form the placemat top. Pay extra attention when pinning and sewing the alternating rows— make sure that they line up with the other alternating rows.

Iron the placemat top flat. Lay out a fat quarter, printed side down. Add the batting piece, then the placemat top.

Fat quarter projects

Pin all the layers together. The sizes will not be the same at this point. When stitching near the raw edge, be sure to NOT sew past the raw edge into the batting. We will be using the batting and fat quarter to create the placemat binding, and stitching past the raw edge will make this more difficult.

Fold the raw edge of the fat quarter to the raw edge of the placemat top. Fold it again to cover the raw edge. To fold the corners: Turn the folded edge to look like a triangle.

Then fold the opposite raw edge following the directions above Fold the raw edge of the fat quarter to the raw edge of the placemat top. Pin in place and sew close to the inner fold to complete! Charm Pack Place Mats:Free sewing patterns organized into collections for the ultimate experience hope you enjoy!

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was a great year full of new ideas, new videos, project inspiration, and so many beautiful quilts! This apron is really simple to make (I made it in about an hour) and uses 1 fat quarter for the main body.

Fat quarter projects

It suggests using half a meter for the bottom band and waist tie but you could easily piece that together out of a couple of different fat quarters.

I used some leftover fabric from the boxes to make mine. Find and save ideas about Fat quarter projects on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Sewing quarter, Fat quarters and Sewing Projects.

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