First part tourism unit 9

Describe the retail travel environment Roles of a retail travel agency The main task of retail travel agency is to supply the public the public with travel products and services. They do it on behalf of their suppliers. Basically we can say that a travel agency operators as a broker, bringing buyer and seller.

First part tourism unit 9

At the end of the course, the student knows recent macroeconomic models and their application to tourism. Moreover, the student knows the literature on the impact of tourism on economic development, on foreign investments, on sustainability. More specifically, the student is able to critically evaluate the relationship between tourism specialisation and economic growth in an international context, to compare theoretical results with empirical evidence, to develop autonomous ability in undertaking empirical research in tourism macroeconomics.

Course contents The course studies the impact of tourism on the macroeconomy, by highlighting the links with economic growth, development and the globalization.

To reach this aim, the course is organised in two parts plus lab work, with a balance between theory and practice. The first part is an introduction to the issues of growth and development economics in the tourism context; the second part analyses the relationship between tourism, growth and the environment, which pivots on the concept of sustainability.


The laboratory tackles the research methoology and the analysis of data in the macroeonomics field. First part - The impact of Tourism in the Economy 30 hours.

Lectures 3 or 2-hour are scheduled in the first term, beginning in September Tuesday 19 September, Alberti 5. Tourism in the World Economy: Tuesday 10 October, Alberti 5. Tourism and the Macroeconomy: Andrea Saayman ; Wednesday 18 October, Alberti 5.

The International Flow of Tourism Prof. Andrea Saayman ; Friday 20 October, Alberti 6.

Tourism and Trade Prof. Andrea Saayman ; Tuesday 24 October, Alberti 5. Tourism and Economic Development Prof. Second part - Tourism, Growth and Sustainability 30 hours.

Lectures 3-hours are scheduled in the Second term, beginning in November Monday 6 November, Alberti 5.

Tourism Definitions

The public goods in the tourism sector; Friday 17 November, Alberti 1. Taxation and externalities in the tourism sector; Wednesday 22 November, Alberti 5. Tourism and sustainability; Wednesday 29 November, Alberti 5.

First part tourism unit 9

Common goods and carrying capacity; Monday 4 December, Alberti 5. Mondher Sahli ; Wednesday 6 December, Alberti 5. Mondher Sahli ; Monday 11 December, Alberti 5.

Mondher Sahli ; Wednesday 13 December, Alberti 5. Mondher Sahli Laboratory of Macroeconomics 24 hours. The laboratory is scheduled extensively one session per week in the first semester I and II term. Friday 22 September, Alberti 6. Research in economics and the use of bibliographic references in economics and tourism; Friday 29 September, Alberti 6.

Finding and using economic databases; Friday 6 October, Alberti 6. Collecting, checking and cleaning data; Wednesday 25 October, Alberti 5. Playing with data Monday 13 November, Alberti 5. An introduction to Stata; Monday 20 November, Alberti 5. Programming with Stata; Monday 27 November, Alberti 5.

Statistical analysis with Stata 2. This is the students' evaluation of the course:Tourism Definitions. Introduction. The seven core tourism terms below are an edited version of definitions agreed in through a working group and consultation process set up under the auspices of the English Tourism Research and Intelligence Partnership (ETRIP) established by VisitEngland.

This six-part series of lessons by Keith Hardin includes practical resources and ideas for teaching students working in Hospitality and Tourism plus step-by-step teacher's notes. Occupying the entire Bataan Peninsula is the province of Bataan in the southwestern part of Central Luzon which faces the South China Sea and forms part of the enclosure of Manila Bay to the east.

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A tourism region is a geographical region that has been designated by a governmental organization or tourism bureau as having common cultural or environmental characteristics.

These regions are often named after historical or current administrative and geographical regions. Others have names created specifically for tourism purposes. The names often evoke certain positive qualities of the area.

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