Hypocrisy within the declaration of independence

It will be in recognition of the centuries of lies perpetrated upon me masked as the truth by the so-called Founding Fathers. Facts indicate the Fourth of July celebration is a piece of Eurocentric mythology.

Hypocrisy within the declaration of independence

So, yes, it is easy to damn Jefferson and the other Founders for not living up to their highest ideals. But if that is all it takes to be convicted of hypocrisy, how many of us would escape conviction?

Surely what is more remarkable about Jefferson is not that he owned slaves, but that he acknowledged forthrightly and repeatedly that slavery was wrong. Of course they knew that the universal ideals embraced in the Declaration were not matched in reality across the colonies. The controversy over slavery was intense; but even more intense was the need for a united front against England.

The urgent choice in was not between slavery or abolition. It was between hanging together, as Benjamin Franklin supposedly quipped in Philadelphia, or most assuredly hanging separately.

They chose to hang together, and the confrontation over slavery was left for later. Would the Declaration of Independence have been improved if those words had been omitted? Inveighing against slavery on Independence Day inFrederick Douglass famously asked: But at what cost to Douglass and all who fought against slavery?

Their words became the American creed, the taproot of the American dream — as worthy of celebrating today as they were in Jeff Jacoby can be reached at jacoby globe.

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Thought you might like ….The most evident sources of hypocrisy comes from the Declaration of Independence. One specific example is “ that all men are created equal,” (Declaration of Independence).

Hypocrisy within the declaration of independence

This is hypocritical because the founding fathers almost all owned slaves, especially Jefferson who “drafted” (Maier ) this historic work of literature. Start studying Abolition and Women's Rights Movements, Part 1. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Douglass refers to the Declaration of Independence. Which of the following best describes the historical significance of this reference?

the hypocrisy of the nation must be exposed; and its. Sep 23,  · The most sacred document wherein the U.S. celebrates its Fourth of July holiday, the Declaration of Independence, is known for having some of the most revolutionary words in history in regards to the equality of men who at the time had been forever accustomed to having caste-like systems whether it be Empires, noblemen and serfs, or a monarchy rule the American colonialists lived ashio-midori.coms: 1.

Jul 04,  · It was a “sham,’’ he answered, “empty and heartless revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy.’’ For after all, he demanded, “Are the great principles embodied in that Declaration of Independence extended to us?’’ That Declaration could have been written without those great principles.

The Declaration of Independence — Except for ‘Indian Savages’: The hypocrisy within the Declaration of Independence (ashio-midori.com) submitted 1 year ago by News 3 comments.  The Declaration of Independence 3/10/ By: Thomas Jefferson On July 4, in Philadelphia the Declaration of Independence was signed by all thirteen colonies.

The document was addressed to the king of Great Britain King George III.

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