Milky way essay

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Milky way essay

Support Aeon Donate now Every few months, the artist Jon Lomberg kneels next to a croton plant, removes the cheap earring that pierces a speckle on one of its leaves, and fastens a new yellow stud into the same hole.

This, he says, pointing to the stud, represents the Sun. The highly manicured garden is an accurate scale model of the Milky Way galaxy, where every step takes you 2, light years from where you stood before.

Along the spiral limbs crowd hibiscus, vincas and red and black crotons where nebulae, gas and dust belong. We have no problem placing ourselves within, say, California, or the United States. Even second-graders can point to a spot on a globe and say: But beyond that, what?

Only in the past few decades have we become scientifically and technologically advanced enough to situate ourselves within the ,light-year-wide wilderness we call home where one light year is a distance equivalent to 6 trillion miles.

We were born inside the Milky Way, and spoiler alert we will all die inside the Milky Way. Imagine being trapped inside a building and trying to determine what it looks like from the outside — its layout, when it was last painted, tin roof or shingled? You can Milky way essay half baths, peer out of a window and describe awnings.

But assembling those pieces into a gestalt is like trying to understand your brain using your brain. The Milky Way has always streaked our sky, a diffuse stripe spreading from horizon to horizon.

Its Latin name — Via Lactea — comes from this fuzzy lane-like appearance. As centuries passed, telescopes grew larger, allowing astronomers to detect fainter objects. Looking deeper into space than ever before, they began to see strange helical clouds.

And in the late 19th century, the proximate cosmos was the whole cosmos. We had long ago learned that Earth is not the hub of the solar system, but it was the helical clouds, and an argument known as the Great Debate, that pushed the Milky Way off its pedestal.

Heber Curtis, director of the Allegheny Observatory in Pittsburgh, suggested in that the galaxy is just another spiral nebula — simply the one we happen to inhabit. We now know, of course, that Andromeda is an island universe, and that it houses more than a trillion suns.

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So do other galaxies 13 million, even 13 billion, light years away. We can count on the Milky Way to look and behave like an average spiral galaxy, and the Universe contains tens of billions of those.

Wherever we look in the Universe, we see the laws of physics — the strong and weak nuclear forces that make atoms tick; the electromagnetics that attract opposites; the gravity that orders orbits — moulding gas into stars, and stars into galaxies. Peering out of our cosmic window, we can survey these structures to learn about our own.

If the spiral nebulae we see have arms and bulges, perhaps the Milky Way sports them, too. From the side, the Milky Way is a thin disk with a bulge in the middle.

From above or below, it resembles a hurricane, with spiral arms where rain bands would be.

Four of them curl from the eye of the storm. The Perseus Arm and, interior to it, the Sagittarius Arm wrap around our side of the Milky Way, while the Scutum-Centaurus and Norma-Cygnus arms form a near-mirror-image on the other side.

A stream of stars forms a curved lane between Perseus and Sagittarius. It is on this 15,light-year-long branch, called the Orion Arm, that our Sun sits.

For a long time, astronomers believed the Orion Arm was insubstantial. Last June, however, they discovered our arm is a major appendage in its own right, more like Perseus and Sagittarius than like a minor spur. From these simplest atoms, radio waves 21cm long cut through the thick curtain of particles that stands between us and the other side of the Milky Way.

Those particles block the visible light, but longer-wavelength radiation zips right past them, just as FM transmissions pass right through the walls of your house.

Although their shape suggests that they rotate with the galaxy, carrying stars along with them, they move at their own pace, like terrestrial traffic jams.

While cars bottleneck, they eventually crawl out the other side. The traffic overdensity itself, however, persists.Essays collision andromeda Milky way and.

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Milky way essay

Comment. Name (required) Email (will not be published) (required) Website. Find Us. Address Main Street New York, NY The Milky Way Galaxy - Many people who live on Earth are close minded to what is really out there in the universe.

They cannot even begin to fathom the vastness of it and how Earth is just a tiny little speck compared to everything else out there.

Articles and Essays; Listen to this page. The Milky Way: One of the Many Galaxies. The idea that each star is a sun, many with their own solar systems, is a powerful reminder of the immense scale of the cosmos.

However, the distances to stars in our galaxy are tiny in comparison to distances to other galaxies. Thus, the idea of the Milky. The Milky Way Large-Scale Universe to The Milky Way The Birth of Modern Cosmology Cosmology is the study of the structure and evolution of the universe (Bennett, Donahue, Schneider, & Voit, ).

Edwin Hubble is often credited with the birth of modern cosmology. Nov 14,  · Words: Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Milky Way Galaxy is of particular interest to the planet Earth, and the people that reside there, because the planet is one of, possibly, billions contained within it.

The Milky Way is also one of the larger galaxies that have a circumference of about thousand light-years! There are many types and morphologies of galaxies.

First, there are elliptical galaxies which have elongated structures, like an ellipse.

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