Story list and lesson plan

Ask students if they have ever had a pet fish, and let them share their stories.

Story list and lesson plan

The children will read the Anne Frank: Students will go back to home groups and complete a news article on the three topics. Each expert writing an article but the group putting it together as a newspaper.

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Read aloud handout pages to pull all research together this is in student journal. Create an experience of what it was like for Jewish people during this time: What do you need to live?

What do you need to live happily? Begin with the absolute basics — Physical Needs waterair, food etc Then continue down discussing why. Distribute handout and have students complete it independently below: Think of the freedom the following rights allow you and your family, and think of the ways you and your family would be affected if these rights were revoked.

Remember that if they were revoked, this would mean giving up things you already have. Rank these independently first. Rank these rights from 1 to 6 — 1 being MOST important to you.

Story list and lesson plan

Discuss your decisions and work to come to a consensus to re-rank the rights as a group. Be ready to share the individual and group responses and support with reasons 8.

Read Terrible Things by Eve Bunting aloud to the class. I put two fiction books for teachers that want to use fiction also. It is an autobiography. Read the back of the book, the short letter from Johanna Reiss, and the introduction aloud with the entire class.

Read the back of the book, the foreword and introduction aloud with the entire class. Grades 7 and up Rescue: In every Nazi-occupied country, at every level of society, there were non-Jews who had the courage to resist. Here are their stories: Grades Hiding to Survive: Rosenberg What is it like for an eight-year-old to have to stay in a chicken coop and not be allowed to talk about a whisper?

In this book, fourteen men and women tell how their childhood lives were turned upside down under the Nazi regime. First person accounts of former hidden children. It is about a young Jewish girl that wants to try to make a difference and stop Hitler by helping others. Read the back of the book, the first page and the introduction aloud with the entire class.

It is about a young non-Jewish boy that has seen friends die and others betrayed. He has become a dangerous fighter for freedom. It he is caught, he will be tortured and killed.

Read the back of the book, first page and the introduction aloud with the entire class. Grades out of print as of now Begin the literature circles. Follow the plan for this.

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Document any time you see courage displayed. Document internal and external conflicts. Other great books to have in the classroom: Adler Smoke and Ashes: The Story of the Holocaust by Barbara Rogasky A basic yet detailed introduction to the causes, events and legacy of the Holocaust.

Grades 6 and up Anne Frank:Usually, a filmed adaptation of a written work is best shown after a novel or short story has been read by students.

This avoids the problem of students watching the movie in place of reading the book or story. Students will learn new vocabulary and incorporate it into an original story.

Story list and lesson plan

1st grade. Reading & writing. Lesson plan. Christmas Adventure Writing. Lesson plan. Christmas Adventure Writing. In this writing lesson, students will write a Christmas-themed narrative incorporating characters, setting, problem, and solution.

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Lesson Plans on the World Wide Web The World Wide Web has a vast assortment of websites that include lesson plans and educational resources useful for storytelling studies.

Excellent Educational Resource Sites for Teachers. Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction. In this lesson, students will identify story elements. The students will also create story maps as teams and then work independently to write their own narrative stories based on the completed maps.

They will edit and revise their narratives with a partner. LEARNING GUIDE TO: CAST AWAY One of the Best! This movie is on TWM's list of the ten best movies to supplement classes in English Language Arts, High School Level.

This "Scary Story" lesson plan would be perfect around Halloween