The historical background of the spanish civil war

Some liberalsin a tradition that had started with the Spanish Constitution ofsought to limit the power of the monarchy of Spain and to establish a liberal state.

The historical background of the spanish civil war

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The History Learning Site, 25 May The Spanish Civil War started in and finished in The forces on the right were lead by Generals Franco and Sanjurjo. They were known as Nationalists. The forces on the left were lead by Azana and were known as Republicans.

At the start of the war, the cities of Cadiz, Saragossa, Seville and Burgos declared their support for the Nationalists. Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia declared for the Republicans.

The Republicans received help from Russia.

The historical background of the spanish civil war

Stalin sent advisers and technicians. An International Brigade comprising of volunteers from all over the world also helped the Republicans. The Republicans relied on real volunteers; many held idealistic beliefs but had minimal military training.

At the start of the war, the military strength of the Nationalists gave them the upper hand. In the east and north, the Basques and Catalans held out far more effectively and the impact of the Nationalists here was minimal.

Franco decided that the only way to succeed was to split the Republicans in half. The crucial battle here was the Battle of Guadalajara which the Nationalists lost. This ended their attempt to split the Republicans in half in that year.

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However, the capture of Bilbao in was an important victory for the Nationalists. The Nationalists were far more successful in By Augustthe Republicans had been split and by December the Nationalists had been successful in Catalan.

However, throughout the whole ofMadrid held out. InRepublican resistance all but collapsed. The various factions in the Republican movement were at odds as to what to do and Russia withdrew its support for them. Byit was only a matter of time before the Nationalists won.The Causes of the Spanish Civil War What were the causes of the Spanish Civil War?

Between and over , people were killed in the Spanish Civil War so this cannot be considered a ‘little’ war that was overshadowed by the problems that were occurring in Europe during these years. The background of the Spanish Civil War dates back to the end of the 19th century, when the owners of large estates, called latifundia, held most of the power in a land-based oligarchy.

The landowners' power was unsuccessfully challenged by the industrial and merchant sectors. Oct 15,  · Watch video · Civil War Background; Outbreak of the Civil War () The Civil War in Virginia () After the Emancipation Proclamation () Toward a Union Victory () The Civil War in the United States began in , after decades of simmering tensions between northern and southern states over slavery, states’ .

A Brief History of the Spanish Civil War By Alfonso Casal on March 17, • (0) The Spanish Civil War ( – ) has come to symbolize the clash between the ideologies of liberalism, socialism and communism versus conservatism, traditionalism and fascism.

THE BACKGROUND. Briefly summarising the causes of the Spanish Civil War is not easy. It stemmed from a socio-political stew that could only have been made in Spain.

King Alfonso XIII of Spain assumed power in , becoming increasingly autocratic, and in was condemned for ordering the execution of the radical leader, Ferrer Guardia, in Barcelona. The Spanish Civil War was one of the bloodiest wars in Twentieth Century in Europe. The war was not simply a Spanish affair, but drew in other several other nations, including Italy, Portugal, Germany and the Soviet Union.

The war was a result of many factors, some of which will be discussed here.

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