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Early career[ edit ] Simonsen grew up a supporter of Sunderland but was spotted by Nottingham Forest at the age of 15 whilst playing in his native South Shields.

Westley maclean

A Model that advocates the beginning at responds and emphasizes feedback. Both BruceWestley and Westley maclean S. Westley worked in the university of Wisconsin, Madison in and In their model they give two contexts firstly the model can be seen as interpersonal and secondly its seen as mass communication.

The feedback is always direct in interpersonal communication but in the mass communication feedback is slow, late and indirect.

In the Westley and MacLean model of Westley maclean they gives one imp view of communication processes that any communication never start when we talk but it will start when other responds.

The communication does not start from the day one but actually it begins when the source or speaker receives signals or response or message from his surroundings or receiver ends. So communication actually began with girl receiving idea from that website then further sending it to her sister This is the actual point of view of Westly and MacLean model of communication.


This model explain us the strong relation between the surrounding and the signals and clear us the real clean processes of communication Actually Westley and MacLean wants to says that, the communication processes not start when sender sending the message but it will start when receiver receiving and responding about the message.

One of the most interesting things about this model is too, that it is not compulsory that the signals comes from surroundings are genuinely sent to start the communication processes or not sometimes thoughts suddenly comes in the mind when we see something or we can say we are not receiving signals intentionally but we are accidentally connect on that signals and receive some thoughts and ideas and start talking about that and communication processes goes on, as we see in the above example too.

Key Points to Note: The model main point of view is accounts for Feedback. The model has two contexts for communication processes. Interpersonal communication and Mass communication.

Westley maclean

This communication model is predictive and descriptive vice-versa. This communication model is always Two Dimensional. Makers of the media mind: Journalism educators and their ideas.

Interdisciplinary essays on environment and culture: One planet, One humanity, and the media. The media in your life: An introduction to mass communication- notebook. Dorling Kindersley India Pvt.

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Retrieved October 25,from http: A conceptual model for communications research. Introduction to communication studies 3rd ed.Sep 14,  · In Bruce Westley and Malcom S.

McLean Jr. proposed Westley and MacLean’s model of communication. es, Westley served as a teacher at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, between and Steven Preben Arthur Simonsen (born 3 April ) is an English footballer who played as a goalkeeper..

Born in South Shields, Tyne and Wear, he started his senior career at Tranmere Rovers before spells with Everton, Stoke City and Sheffield United, Preston North End and Scottish sides Dundee and ashio-midori.com at Tranmere, he received four caps for the England U21s.

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In the year of , Westley and MacLean’s proposed a communication model. Both BruceWestley and Malcolm S.

Westley maclean

MacLean Jr. W estley worked in the university of Wisconsin, Madison in and. Expert Research on the First Wave of British Immigration to Natal, South Africa.

Westley and MacLean's Model of Communication