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Written speech generator

Personality Confident yet delusional, usually Rex flirts with Dr. Holiday to no avail. Like most teenagers who grow up secluded and isolated, Rex is overconfident, impulsive, and rebellious.

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He is quite headstrong, which according to Van Kleisshe inherited from his mother, Violeta. He has a quick wit and is constantly making jokes, even in the direst of situations, often falling into sarcasm. However, when Rex needs to defend himself, he does not hold back.

Aggressive and Written speech generator, Rex prefers to smash anything that gets in his way, much to Providence's annoyance. However, he eventually begins to show more discretion and consideration. While he is loyal to the organization, sometimes the pressure of being the only person that can cure EVOs becomes too much for him to handle.

Consequently, he sometimes breaks out of the base to go on "road trips", as he calls them, Written speech generator blow off steam.

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However, he always returns, perhaps out of a sense of duty, purpose, and caring for his team. He also tends to be sympathetic towards others in similar situations, namingly Circe and Breach. For instance, although Circe was than willingly joined the Packhe understood her confusion and its relation of being an EVO and her hesitance behind joining Providence.

Rex has also been shown to be clever.

Written speech generator

For example, Tuck stated that Rex improvised the voice activated nano-ink tattoos that Rex, Tuck, Skwyddand Cricket have, after a problem they had with an EVO that could shape-shift. After taking a trigonometry pop quiz, Rex casually told Noah that it was "just trig" and explained that it was like aiming his cannon.

However, do the circumstances, Rex pretended to lie unconscious while Van Kleiss and NoFace fought each other for Rex's life. He also used Biowulf 's insecurities and fear of being replaced by NoFace to persuade Biowulf's assistance in the long run.

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Having activated nanites makes him an EVO ; however, unlike most EVOs, Rex has the ability to control his nanites at will, allowing him to generate various machinery from his body.

He can also use his nanites to communicate with a variety of machines, as well as cure some EVOs of their mutations. Technopathy Rex using his technopathy to reset the shield regulator in the Bug Jar. Rex is capable of using his nanites to interface with technology, allowing him to communicate with and control it.

For example, he first demonstrated this ability to escape the confines of The Keep. This can also backfire; hearing too many voices at once will overwhelm Rex and eventually cause him to lose consciousness.

In particular, when Rex used his technopathic abilities on Branden Moses 's machine that was claimed to cure EVOs, Rex said he got an understanding that the machine "only lights up and goes ping".

Initially, Rex could not cure EVOs unless they willingly allowed him to extract their nanites. Rex has a limit to how many nanites from cured EVOs he can carry. If he exceeds this limit, he will begin growing metallic tumorous sacks.

Rex Salazar's machines The punk busters were one of Rex's most used machines, using it to powerfully enhance his leg strength. Rex can shape his nanites into a variety of machinery. He uses these for offense, defense, and transportation.

The weapons he forms out of his body can be destroyed, but he usually can reform them quickly afterward. Also, if Rex is exhausted, it takes more focus to maintain his weapons; otherwise they instantly disassemble.

After an MRI, Dr.

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